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The loneliness is often worse than the disease itself.
Het verhaal van Mirjam


Aids Fonds' mission: towards a world without AIDS.
Aids Fonds is there for anyone affected by HIV and AIDS. In the Netherlands and beyond. Aids Fonds finances scientific research, provides prevention and treatment for vulnerable groups and fights for the rights of people with HIV.

Aids Fonds fights AIDS by:

  • > Funding projects and research programs at home and abroad
  • > Raising funds for these projects
  • > Creating social support for AIDS control through campaigns and education
  • > Gathering political support



Since 2004, Aids Fonds has been part of Stichting Aids Fonds – STI AIDS Netherlands, but operates under its own name. Aids Fonds acts as a project funder. STI AIDS Netherlands develops knowledge and interventions in terms of STIs and HIV.

In 2000, Aids Fonds took the initiative of setting up STOP AIDS NOW!, a partnership between Aids Fonds, Cordaid, Hivos, ICCO, and Oxfam Novib. STOP AIDS NOW! is active in fighting AIDS, but always does this within the framework of development aid and fighting poverty.

Aids Fonds, STI AIDS Netherlands and STOP AIDS NOW! are all located at the same address. In this way, the organizations can use a number of shared facilities and the knowledge and expertise in house. As a result, we can save money. All personnel come under a single operating company.

Aids Fonds Supervisory Board:

  • > Femke Halsema (chair)
  • > Yvonne Wilders 
  • > Cees 't Hart
  • > Wiet de Bruijn
  • > Roek Lips
  • > Frank Miedema
  • > Henry de Vries MD PhD
  • > Yolanda Weldring
  • > Anna Zakowicz

Board of Directors:

  • > Louise van Deth

Management Team:

  • > Stefanie van der Bruggen, Manager Communication & Fundraising
  • > Febe Deug, Manager Policy & Programs
  • > Dick Ernste, Manager Administration
  • > Irene Keizer, Manager Policy and Grants

Articles of foundation and regulations.